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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mixing Some Chalk Paint

Yesterday was my day to start a bunch of stuff and not finish any of it.  I've got the wood for my workbench which was actually on the agenda but got a wild hair and decided to try my hand at making chalk paint.  Not to be confused with chalkboard paint.  Ok.  So I don't really now the difference between the two other than I'm not going to be writing on any of this with chalk.  Kind of looks like the same recipe if you compare them.  I bought a wooden room divider at Hobby Lobby a long time back.  It was off white and didn't fit in the color scheme I have in the master bedroom.  I had added toile wallpaper to the inserts which I wanted to keep so I just taped them off with blue painter's tape.  I have used ASCP before but didn't have enough of the Graphite for this project and couldn't afford to buy another can of ASCP.  I've depleted my craft budget for February.  Note to self - stay off the wood aisle at Home Depot.  I took the panels apart and repaired the hinge areas where the wood was cracked.

The recipe for the chalk paint came from I didn't have any leftover flat paint in the color I wanted to use so I just used satin.  I also used more grout than it called for.  I just mixed it until it looked right.  I also want to try the recipe that uses plaster of paris instead of the unsanded grout.   Probably instead of 1 T per 1cup paint, I probably used 1-1/2 T of grout.

I got the unsanded grout at my local Jabo's Ace Hardware but you could get it Home Depot and Lowe's too.

So far it looks and goes on like ASCP.  I've got two of the panels painted on the fronts.  Since it's such a pretty day here in north central Texas, I'm going to drag them outside and finish painting them out there.

Oh and add washing the car to the list too.

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